How do you think breaking down barriers around kink can help foster understanding and acceptance?

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Interest in alternative sexual practices and unconventional ways of expressing one’s sexuality, otherwise known as ‘kink’, has recently been growing in the mainstream. Kinks, or sexual interests that deviate from the traditional understanding of what is ‘normal’, can include fetishes, roleplaying, bondage, and domination. Breaking down the taboos associated with kink and recognising the playfulness, creativity, and humour around it is an important step towards greater understanding and acceptance.

One of the most immediate benefits of breaking down the barriers around kink is the opportunity to engage more authentically with one’s own sexual desires. Experiences of kink that are open and non-judgmental enable its participants to delve a little deeper into the subjectives of the practice, allowing for greater self-discovery and exploration. With barriers broken down, practitioners of kink can now talk publically about their interests and engage freely with the community without fear of censure.

Discarding narrow-minded attitudes towards kink can help create healthy discourses that are rich in self acceptance as well as respect for all genders, orientations and preferences. This shift can help generate a more advanced understanding of how people respond to their sexual attractions. In particular, it can help provoke a greater insight into the nuances and complexities of the expressions of that attraction, without fear of feeling shame, guilt or embarrassment.

Breaking down the barriers around kink can also provide more opportunities for experimentation. As these experiences become more obvious and potentially more tangible, the grey area of what’s considered appropriate to express can become a little clearer. As a result, the boundaries between traditional sexual expression and kink become less rigid. Potentially this encourages a more holistic view of pleasure in which to explore a wider range of alternative sexual practices.

Finally, breaking down barriers can bring kink closer to the mainstream, making it more accepted and proving it isn’t something to be afraid of. Kink-positive communities and events can provide spaces in which to explore and engage in the conversation around this increasingly common form of pleasure. This can lead to a healthier understanding of what’s considered ‘normal’ and allow for broader acceptance within society.

In short, understanding the true nature of kink and recognising its power of immense pleasure and self-discovery is an essential step towards societal acceptance. The breaking down of taboos that come with kink is absolutely necessary in order to move forward to a more open conversation and an increased acceptance of these practices. Click Here.

How can one verify the identity of an online virtual mistress?

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As the popularity of online virtual mistresses has grown considerably, there is now a greater need to check the identity of individuals providing such services. A virtual mistress, or vMistress, is someone who provides a variety of services typically related to domination, submission, roleplay and sexual activities over the web. The services offered may range from simply providing guidance and direction to more intricate activities, like online BDSM play.

Fortunately, there are certain measures that can be taken to help verify the identity of an online virtual mistress. The key to doing so is to assess both the safety and the legitimacy of the vMistress.

First and foremost, it is important to check for any valid contact information provided on the vMistress’ website. This includes checking for an email address, telephone number, and postal address. If the given contact information proves useful, it’s worth taking the time to actually speak with the vMistress before engaging in any type of activity. A telephone conversation of at least duration is the safest way to confirm an individual’s identity.

It is also recommended to conduct an online background check on the vMistress. Not only can this reveal important information about the person in question, such as prior convictions, but it can also uncover whether the provided information is legitimate.

From here, a prospective client can get a mutually-agreed upon third-party to help verify an individual’s online profile. Having a third-party, who is not a direct participant in the activity, can reduce the risk of fraudulent information being exchanged amongst either party.

Finally, the most universal form of identity verification is a series of ID documents. This includes a passport, driver’s license and/or government-issued ID. Requesting a scanned copy from the vMistress is the best way to confirm an individual’s identity.

Ultimately, the verification process of an online virtual mistress can be very complicated, but it is by no means impossible. Taking the time to properly assess an individual’s identity is a vital part of ensuring a safe and secure virtual session for both parties involved.

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