What does it mean to truly appreciate and celebrate your own body in body worship?

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People often think of self-love and body positivity as something of a passing trend, yet the idea of body worship is an increasingly popular movement that speaks to the idea that loving and honouring our own precious body is essential for living a healthy, meaningful, and whole life. Body worship isn’t just about being more accepting of yourself; it’s a way to cultivate both self-awareness and a deeper appreciation and respect for our bodies. So, what does body worship look like in practice?

First off, body worship begins with developing a more mindful view of and emotional connection with our physical selves. Many of us tend to rush through everyday activities, from brushing our teeth to applying face cream, and missing out on moments to understand how we’re feeling in our bodies. To truly appreciate and celebrate our bodies, we need to slow down, to make time to explore the physical sensations that can help us to feel good. Following a practice like yoga or mindfulness meditation can help us to relax and take note of how we feel in each part of our body, connecting with the little moments that bring us pleasure.

In body worship, we learn to give unconditional love and respect to every part of our body, whether that’s our arms, our tummy, or our feet. Acknowledging that our body is home to something bigger than ourselves is a powerful way to understand the beauty and perfection of the human form. We can make space to appreciate our bodies by recognizing the power it has to take us on some amazing adventures, from running a marathon to dancing the night away. It’s about being open to how our body feels and celebrating the joys of moving and breathing.

Body worship also involves an understanding that our body doesn’t have to be aesthetically “perfect in order for us to be content and at peace. It’s important to take time to learn what our body needs to be nurtured and nourished so that we feel confident and comfortable inside and out. This might mean going easy on ourselves when we don’t live up to social ideals of beauty and fitness, while also respecting our bodies if we feel the need to work out or put together an outfit that makes us feel fabulous.

Ultimately, true body worship is about de-stigmatizing our bodies and changing the narrative from one of judgment and criticism to one of reverence and celebration. Appreciating and celebrating our unique bodies means that we can be kind and loving to our physical selves, rather than feeling weighed down by feelings of guilt and shame. By honouring our body in all its beauty, we can also start to give it the love that it deserves. Click here to find out more.

What are some creative ways of incorporating spit into a femdom scene?

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When deciding to incorporate spit into a femdom scene, there’s a whole array of options—from traditional humiliation to creative tasks or even physical demonstrations. Many find that being spat on can be an incredibly intense experience that not only expresses domination and/or submission but can also foster a deeper emotional connection. It is an intimate exchange between two people, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be about humiliation, but simply about a stronger bond between Mistress and sub. Here are some of the more creative ways of incorporating spit into a femdom scene.

One great way to start incorporating spit into a scene is through verbal humiliation. Verbal humiliations and orders can be directed towards the sub and can involve spitting. The Mistress may spit on the floor to demonstrate her superiority and will require the sub to lick it up. The sub can also be ordered to spit in the face or the mouth of the Mistress. While this sort of humiliation may seem extreme and difficult to pull off, many find that it can be a surprisingly powerful part of the scene.

Physical demonstrations are another great way to incorporate spit. One example is to demonstrate the Mistress’s strength and dominance by taking the sub’s hands and forcing them together, then spitting on them and demanding the sub to lick it off. This could be followed by verbal humiliation or a task such as making the sub call themselves derogatory words. This physical demonstration of dominance is incredibly intense and can be extremely satisfying.

Another alternative is to create a task or roleplay requiring the use of spit. The Mistress could have her sub crawl, and slap and spit on her sub’s face. The sub could also be required to perform oral sex with spit on their body or face. This type of roleplay can be very erotic and also quite embarrassing for the sub, which can make it a particularly powerful component of a femdom scene.

There are also even more creative ways to incorporate spit in a femdom scene. One example is to have a spanking scene where the Mistress blindfolds the sub and then spits on them to increase the sensation. This can be extremely stimulating and can also be used as a way to further humiliate the sub. Another great way to incorporate spit is to incorporate spitting contests. Have the sub and Mistress compete to see who can spit farther, with the Mistress being the winner every time. This can be a really fun way to create an interactive experience between the Mistress and sub.

No matter what type of scene a Mistress and sub decide to incorporate spit into, it can be a powerful experience for both parties. Spitting can be a major way to express a connection between two people and can be used to create an incredibly intense physical, mental, and emotional experience. With a bit of creativity, incorporating spit into a femdom scene can be an incredible experience.

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