What type of clothing and gear do dominatrixes wear during their webcam sessions?

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If you’re looking to spice up your webcam sessions as a dominatrix, then consider putting together the perfect wardrobe. It’s important for your outfits to be comfortable, stylish, and express your personality.


When choosing the perfect lingerie, look for items that are sexy and make you feel in control. Corsets are always a good choice, as are body stockings and thigh-high boots. Consider adding fun accessories like chokers, cuffs, and collars to your ensemble to complete your look. Consider black or leather fabric to add to your domme persona.

When you want to dress up, consider wearing dresses that expose parts of your body. Tight dresses will show off your curves and make you appear mysterious and alluring. Fishnets and garters can complete the look. If you’d like to switch up your style, try out a cute skirt or pantsuit as well!

Customized Gear

You can also find specialized dominatrix gear to enhance your sessions. Look for items like whips, handcuffs, paddles, and chains. Make sure to check what’s legal in your area before purchasing anything.

Face Coverings

If the thought of having your face revealed makes you feel uncomfortable, it’s easy to hide behind masks, hoods, and wigs. Choose whichever items make you feel confident, strong, and in control. Have fun with your look and create mysterious personas!


Platform heels or high-heeled boots will not only complete your dominant look, but they will also help you feel confident and self-assured. Consider purchasing multiple colors and styles to switch it up during your sessions!


If you’re looking for a fun and sexy way to spice up your webcam sessions as a dominatrix, consider these wardrobe staples. Look for lingerie that will help you feel in control, add fun accessories for an extra boost, and complete your look with platform heels or high-heeled boots. Don’t forget to hide behind masks, hoods, and wigs if you’d like to conceal your face. Most importantly, remember that you look beautiful and make sure you feel your best during every session. Have fun and let your inner dominatrix shine! Original source.

How do you protect yourself from scam kik mistresses?

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Are you worried about being scammed by a Kik mistress? You’re not alone. Protecting yourself from scammers is important, and there are quite a few steps you can take to ensure you don’t fall victim to a scam.

First and foremost, always do your research before engaging in conversation with any Kik mistress, regardless of how real she may seem. If someone asks for money or asks you to purchase items for them, consider this a major red flag and proceed with caution. Also, be sure to ask around your friends or online to see if anyone has had a prior experience with this particular Kik mistress.

Second, never give out personal information to anyone you meet on Kik, especially if this person is asking for it. This includes phone numbers, addresses, credit card numbers and any other important information. If you do exchange contact information, consider doing so via a secure messaging service such as Skype, WhatsApp, or Viber.

Finally, never make large payments or investments with someone you’re not familiar with. If you’re interested in “sextrading, which involves trading sexual images for money, exercise extreme caution. Additionally, if someone claims they are a professional and will guarantee financial gain following a certain amount of investment, this is very likely a scam. Be wary of money promises with high return.

The internet can be a wonderful place to meet people and chat, but it can also be dangerous if the proper safety precautions aren’t taken. Protecting yourself from scam kik mistresses doesn’t have to be hard or complicated – simply following the tips outlined above will help you to stay safe and secure while online. If you do your due diligence and take the necessary steps, you should be able to avoid being scammed.

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